• The Go Less Super facial oil ( dry & sensitive skin)

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    The Go Less Super Face oil is rich,soothing, and quick-absorbing face oil for dry, sensitive and damaged skin. It contains five high-quality active botanical oils that nourish and keeps your skin healthy, youthful and glowing in a natural way. It helps reduce the appearance of fatigue and dryness and brings the radiance back to the skin. It defends skin from the free radicals present in the environment and activates antioxidant protection. This oil is an ideal formulation to regain skin’s natural balance, moisture, and glow. 

          Texture: Light and natural oil formulation   

          Skin Types: Dry and Sensitive only

          Skin issues: Dry and dehydrated skin, sensitive skin with uneven skin tone, and dry

          patches, aging skin

           Time of application: Daily after shower as a moisturizer or before applying sunscreen/makeup. Suitable for both AM/PM routines

          Formulated without parabens. phthalates, mineral oil, aluminium, heavy metal, Sulfates and chemicals.

          Light and therapeutic aroma

          An unscented version for fragrance sensitivity.


    Soothes heals and protects dry,
    sensitive and damaged skin that is especially prone to pollution driven skin
    concerns and rapid aging. Helps in combating skin fatigue and fights against
    the damage caused by free radicals.


    Go Less Super Face oil is a blend of luxurious natural oils that pamper your skin
    with essential vitamins.

    Avocado oil
    deeply moisturizes the skin, helps grow new skin cells and heals sunburn besides
    promoting collagen production.

    Jojoba oil isactually pronounced as ho-ho-ba oil. It is a form of liquid wax that is similar to the sebaceous glands of our skin hence its purpose is to retain the moisture
    content of the skin and control greasiness and excess production of oil. It
    helps in making the skin healthy and younger-looking.

    Apricot oil is a light, gentle and non-sticky oil that possesses miraculous properties of healing, antioxidant producing and anti-ageing. It absorbs quickly and deeply
    when applied to the skin.

    Grape seed oil hydrates kin and protects it from acne, flare ups and dry patches besides banishing blemishes.

    Hempseed oil doesn’t clog skin pores, balances the oil production of the skin and prevents fine lines and pigmentation. 


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